Guard Logo Mats

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Logo Floor Mats.

Guard custom door mats will make your establishment stand out by displaying your company’s logo or design in rich, vibrant color. Our custom door mats resist stains keeping your mat looking its best. Premium Guard door mats are exceedingly suitable for heavy traffic areas because this mat is constructed with exceptionally durable material.

Our custom floor mats are elegant and functional. There isn't a better way to get maximum results when talking about custom floor mats than Unimat's Waterhog Inlay Mat. Because it represents an economical high quality investment.

A high quality durable printed mat that becomes a great idea to market your company's logo or message by showing a clean design on a high quality material. These custom logo mats also clean the dirt off of shoes.

Use these custom logo mats wherever they meet your needs, we are absolutely sure it will become an amazing investment to your company's identity.

Features & Benefits

• Resilient nylon surface makes these custom logo mats suitable for indoor or outdoor usage.

• Mat holds dirt and moisture using its fabric “Water Dam” border design ensnaring dirt below foot level using bi-level surface nubs.

• Resistant to crushing, retaining high performance and prolonging the life of your mat.

• Keeps water off of carpets and floors with its vastly absorbent fabric that holds up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard.


Guard Logo Mats

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